Get more followers by using Instagram Reels

As an online creator, it is crucial to use the right social media channels to reach your audience. Instagram Reels is one of the most recent additions to the Instagram app and offers creators new opportunities to grow on social media. In this blog, we will discuss why Instagram Reels is important for creators and what are the opportunities to grow with them.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature within Instagram that allows users to create and share short 15-30 second videos. These videos can include music, filters and other creative effects to make the videos more appealing. Instagram Reels was developed in response to the increasing popularity of short videos on social media, particularly on TikTok.

Why is Instagram Reels important for creators?

1. Reach new audiences
Instagram Reels allows creators to reach a new audience. With the addition of Reels in the app, Instagram has focused on improving the discoverability of video content. This means that users’ Reels will be displayed on Instagram’s “Explore” tab. This tab is designed to show users new and relevant content, making it easier for new users to discover your content.

2. Better engagement
Instagram Reels also has the potential to generate better engagement than regular Instagram posts. Due to the short, entertaining nature of the videos, viewers are encouraged to keep watching and discover more content. Moreover, Reels videos are often easier to share and tag, giving them more visibility and attracting potential new followers.

3. Creative opportunities.
Instagram Reels allows creators to express their creativity and showcase their skills in creating short videos. With the various editing features and effects available on Reels, creators can create the perfect video that fits their brand and style. This can help build strong relationships with followers and strengthen the creator’s brand.

4. Monetization opportunities
Instagram recently added a new feature called “Instagram Creator Fund,” which allows creators to earn money from their Instagram content. This feature is currently only available in certain countries, but it is likely to be available worldwide soon. Instagram Reels allows creators to qualify for this feature by achieving a high number of views and engagement.

Taking a video for Instagram Reels


How can you gain more followers by using Instagram Reels?

1. Take advantage of trending topics
A great way to get noticed on Instagram Reels is by using trending topics. By creating content that is relevant to current trends and challenges, you can make content stand out among the many other Reels videos. Use hashtags and descriptions related to the topic to ensure your video is included in search results and Instagram’s “Explore” page.

2. Use the right music
Music is an important part of Instagram Reels and can help make your video stand out and create an emotional connection with your audience. Choose the right music to match the content of your video and the emotions you want to convey. Using popular music tracks can also help generate more views and engagement.

3. Make your videos visually appealing
Instagram Reels is a visual platform and it is important to create attractive videos that grab viewers’ attention. Make use of creative edits, effects and filters to make your videos look professional. Also, try using different camera angles and perspectives to make your videos more interesting.

4. Promote your Reels videos
Promote your Reels videos on your Instagram account and other social media channels. Share them in your Instagram stories, add a swipe-up link to your Reels videos, and share them on other social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. By promoting your videos, more people can see them and your audience can grow.

5. Use call-to-actions
Add call-to-actions to your Reels videos to encourage your viewers to take action. For example, asking them to leave a comment, follow you or share your content with their followers. By encouraging these actions, you can increase your engagement and attract more followers.


Instagram Reels is a powerful tool for creators to increase their audience and strengthen their brand. By utilizing the various creative features and strategies available on Reels, creators can attract new followers and increase engagement. It is important to keep creating content regularly and keep experimenting with new ideas and trends to get noticed on Instagram Reels. So, if you are an online creator and use Instagram, don’t miss the opportunity to use Instagram Reels to grow your audience.